Weekly Update


So many donations, so little office space! It seems like we have already out grown our newest office expansion, especially with all the donations, volunteers, and guests coming to the office this week.

  • Kevin Banks and Bob Bolen, two volunteers who present at the John School, met with Derri and Karen on Monday to discuss possible new changes and improvements  to make the program more effective. Thankful for their time and ideas!
  • New volunteer Cathy Snyder met with Derri last week to discuss ways to become involved with End Slavery. This week she returned to the office with friends who design and furnish our small back office room to become a therapy room.
  • Volunteers Whitney Smith and Tereasa Beasley came to the office on Tuesday bearing gifts of $630 in gift cards (including $100 to sponsor a survivor’s birthday), sheet sets and pillows, toilet paper, paper towels, umbrellas, and a new bookcase for our resource center.
  • Tuesday afternoon we also hosted our wonderful board members, including our two newest board ladies Callen Martin and Brandi Binkley.
  • Wednesday, Karen met with some current volunteers who are interested in expanding their work with us. Franklin group member Stacy Elliott met to plan a new creative volunteer group, and Tori Roberts is planning to do some work on our BeTheJam pages and help out around the office.
  • We also had Hannah Kersey visit our office on Wednesday to look at our resource center and lobby area. As part of her Girl Scout Gold Award she volunteered her skills to decorate these two areas. We are excited about the opportunity and can’t wait to watch the magic happen before our eyes!
  • Thursday after staff meeting, volunteer Tina McLane and her husband removed shelving and a countertop from our to-be therapy room. They were in and out in no time and didn’t even look tired!
  • Friday included a special delivery by Murfreesboro group leader Dana Montgomery who dropped off gift cards, toiletry items, and other goodies given by her generous group members!

Wow! Aren't we blessed with an incredible community of support? This blesses us - and those we serve, who notice that many people care about them and their recovery, and notice spaces that are warm, welcoming and silently shout "You are valued!"