Survivor Snapshots


Here is a sampling of survivor updates this month:

Tara – Tara is doing well in school, however she is having a few struggles in her home life. She is looking forward to finish high school this year and moving to Nashville next year for college and to be closer to her ESTN family. While visiting with her this month we helped set goals for graduation and college preparation.

Adele – Adele started meeting with a volunteer to work on holistic nutrition plans. While Adele is very stable with a job and living conditions, ESTN is continuing to provide transportation and basic needs resources and helping her develop a case plan.

Maranda – Maranda is doing very well. She recently received approval for home passes with ESTN and her family and is excited to be able to be home for holidays as well as spend time with us outside the housing facility. She also has a mentor at the facility who is allowing Maranda to help in staff trainings and work towards her goals of motivational speaking. Maranda is still studying for her ACTs and is looking forward to college next year.

Jenny – Jenny has been doing very well in college and with her internship. She is truly beginning to find her voice and feeling empowered with the gifts and skills she has to offer others.

Isabell – Isabell is very excited to finally have a car, but is currently looking for a stable place to live. She enjoys spending time with the staff at ESTN and is also focusing on herself and her relationships with her children.

Leah – Leah relapse last month, but after three days she called Lizedny and Christine asking for help. They went to get her right away and brought her back home. Since then she has been working hard on her recovery. She knows that ESTN is here for her and is beginning to understand that we love her and will nver give up on her.  She got a good job and has been working to support herself. Unfortunately, Leah is also currently struggling with her health so we have been working to get her medical appointments and services.

Candice – Candice is a new young prevention case we are working with.  She is a sweet little country girl with a bubbly personality. She is working on finding her way in this big new city and enjoys having fun and spending time with staff. Candice will begin IOP next week and is focusing on recovery and making good choices.  She is becoming more transparent about her struggles and knows we love her and are here for her no matter what.