Getting the Word Out


by Karen Karpinski, Director of Education


End Slavery Tennessee has been blessed with some of the most dedicated, engaged and passionate volunteers that I have encountered.  I recently met two of the three-generation family who are involved with End Slavery Tennessee in Dickson, Franklin and Springhill.  As a family they have committed themselves to work with group leaders, and to provide for both survivor and organizational needs.  While it is unique to find three-generations involved with a particular cause, I began thinking what a great example this could be for other families.  Volunteering does not and should not be a one generational phenomena. There are ways to use your time, skills and talents at any age, at any stage in one’s life.  Whitney Smith,the youngest of our three-generation volunteers, stated, "It's fun to do something all together. My sister is doing her part with inner city teens in NY and my brothers girlfriend in LA."

We often talk about using your sphere of influence to educate about human trafficking.  Do you share your passion with your family?  Could that passion motivation other family member into action?  If this serves as an inspiration to you, talk to your family about how they too can work to support ESTN and our survivors.