Volunteer Voices


The Spring Hill group had a good meeting this month and enjoyed having Karen Karpinski visit and share some updates and future plans. She also helped the group vision-cast a bit about more opportunities for events and trainings in the Spring Hill area. The group decided to have a volunteer challenge for this next month to think about relationships available to them and explore ways to serve or raise funds and awareness in their community.

Taryn, Whitney, and Bucky also brought their families to the Spring Hill Night Against Crime where ESTN had a display. The team was happy to represent ESTN there again in order to help foster our relationship with the city, speak with parents about keeping their kids safe, and to make connections with all sorts of other organizations.


The Murfreesboro group was full of activity this month. The volunteers packed some toiletries bags and completed eight rescue packs for survivors. One of the group’s teen volunteers lead two door hanger event and a gift card collection this past month and another volunteer brought $100.00 in gift cards she collected in replacement of her birthday gifts. The group also collected feminine hygiene products, toilet paper and paper towels.  Group leader Dana has her car packed to the top with gifts for ESTN. So heartwarming to see the generosity!


The Franklin group welcomed three new volunteers to the group this month and spent a few minutes getting to know them.  Afterwards, they participated in a short test to see how well each could field questions about the work and mission of End Slavery when asked.  The remainder of the group’s time was spent viewing the “Traps” video presenters use when speaking to teens.  Volunteer Stacy has spent some time studying the possibility of updating the “Traps” video and getting other volunteers involved in this project as well.  Afterwards, Lizedny gave survivor updates and the team heard a short report about a legislative initiative that Senator Corker is involved with and are all look forward to hearing details about in early 2015. 


The Nashville group ended the month with a good meeting. Five new volunteers joined the group this month so after getting to know each of them a little more, Scott gave the group a short quiz about human trafficking and ESTN's work. Together they also discussed a new project to have a video hosting of the movie Nefarious: Merchant of Souls open to the Trevecca campus and other interested individuals. Finally, the group received survivor updates and discussed sponsoring a survivor for Christmas this year as another group project.


The Hendersonville group is back and had their first meeting this month. Main discussion topics surrounded driving volunteer recruiting with two primary methods agreed upon:  group activity and social visibility. Group activity  will have the primary focus on providing items for survivors through the solicitation of local businesses and drives during special events, specifically local festivals and possibly Black Friday at local retail stores. Social visibility will be initiated by planning an “official Sumner County launch/re-launch” for the Hendersonville Group at a local restaurant/establishment with possible dates around New Years and the Super Bowl.  The group also discussed creating a local Facebook page to help continue promoting ESTN events and support and to help create connections in the area.