ESTN Library Spotlight


by Clarice Grooms, ESTN Librarian

Book:   Sampson's Ring 

Author:  Trish Gomez

Sampson's Ring is a stupefying fictional thriller based  on true stories. Richard Sampson is a man with secrets. His former business partners, Jules and Mitch,  discover his secret world and find its one they could never have imagined.  Jules sets out to bring an evil man to justice, but in doing so she meets two young girls:

Stephanie a new resident of Franklin, Tennessee and is being enslaved  by school mates during the day while living with her unsuspecting parents by night.  Eliana is a young girl studying hard to get a job outside Santa Lucia Cotzumalguapa, Guatemala. She ends up accepting an job offer in Nashville, Tennessee to help her family, but soon becomes a part of Sampson's ring.

This read will make you mindful that slavery has no class or geographic limits. 

Trish Gomez is a local Nashville area author, and current End Slavery Tennessee volunteer, whose research about the reality of modern day slavery inspired this fictional thriller based on true life events.