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ESTN Library Spotlight


by Clarice Grooms, ESTN Librarian

Book:   Sampson's Ring 

Author:  Trish Gomez

Sampson's Ring is a stupefying fictional thriller based  on true stories. Richard Sampson is a man with secrets. His former business partners, Jules and Mitch,  discover his secret world and find its one they could never have imagined.  Jules sets out to bring an evil man to justice, but in doing so she meets two young girls:

Stephanie a new resident of Franklin, Tennessee and is being enslaved  by school mates during the day while living with her unsuspecting parents by night.  Eliana is a young girl studying hard to get a job outside Santa Lucia Cotzumalguapa, Guatemala. She ends up accepting an job offer in Nashville, Tennessee to help her family, but soon becomes a part of Sampson's ring.

This read will make you mindful that slavery has no class or geographic limits. 

Trish Gomez is a local Nashville area author, and current End Slavery Tennessee volunteer, whose research about the reality of modern day slavery inspired this fictional thriller based on true life events.

ESTN Library Spotlight


By Clarice Grooms, ESTN Librarian

BOOK: Renting Lacy

AUTHOR: Linda Smith

The book Renting Lacy takes the reader inside the world of prostituted children around the world and in the United States. At the forefront is a child victim named Lacy who is trafficked by her boyfriend/pimp. The story alternates between several teenage girls who are forced out of their childhood and into a demoralizing existence ; girls with dreams… and prostitution is not one of them.

Author Linda Smith left politics and founded Shared Hope International, an organization on a mission to rescue and restore women and children in crises.

Ignoring Child Sex Trafficking Doesn't Make It Go Away


by Philipa Booyens

We had a woman recently unsubscribe to our mailing list. Her reason? She said she couldn't look at "this." She couldn't see or deal with "it."

My response: (See photo)

8day 2

8 DAYS opens with these words:

(AMBER)  Darkness breeds darkness. It hides monsters in closets and under beds. I used to think closing my eyes and covering my ears would make them go away... I used to think a lot of things.

When I was a child, I used to think such childish things. I'm not a child anymore. Child sex trafficking (what many in Homeland Security Investigation call MODERN SLAVERY) should NEVER be easy to look at. But, here's the thing: ignoring, hiding, closing eyes and covering ears will NEVER make it go away. This kind of thinking, this apathy and fear has led our culture and county to the place it is in. A place where three year old children are sold and raped repeatedly. A place where traffickers molest and move children over our southern border, requiring every girl over 10 to take a pregnancy test. Today in the United States of America children are sold by their families. Girls are locked in closets for years. People are beaten and abused, kidnapped, murdered, branded, "owned" and treated likes slaves.

Don't like it? Don't want to look it? Good. NOW DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Individually, if we bless one life, we are making a difference. Together, we can change the world. I believe that. I know that. I've seen that through this filming process. Margaret Mead once said: "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

Let this be a call to all "thoughtful, committed citizens." It is up to us to fight the crime of child sex trafficking, Let's stop hiding and ignoring this problem that is right under our noses. Let's stop "waiting on the world to change," and make it!


Philipa Boooyens is the screenwriter for 8 DAYS ( and the Creative Director for After Eden Pictures (

In the News

TBI obtained indictment for Wilson County man accused in connection to ongoing sex trafficking investigation.  Read the full article here.

Read about an undercover investigation in the Interstate 24 Exit 4 area that led to the arrest of a Kentucky woman and Knoxville man, both charged with human trafficking of a 17-year old girl. 

TBI, TDT, and TDOT announce a new initiative to spot and get help for sex trafficking victims at Tennessee rest stops.  Read more.

Tennessee man sentenced to 50 years in prison on human trafficking and drug distribution charges.  Read the rest of the report here.

Tullahoma woman and man are facing 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to exchanging sex with their teenage daughter for crack cocaine. Read the full article here.

Seventeen people arrested in East Tennessee over the past week as part of an operation to address commercial sex trafficking in U.S. Read here.

Nashville man racks up 18 charges, including promoting prostitution of a juvenile and trafficking for a commercial sex act, after a Donelson motel prostitution sting.  Read more.

ESTN Library Spotlight

by Clarice Grooms, ESTN Librarian
Book: Refuse To Do Nothingrefuse to do nothing
Authors: Shayne Moore and Kimberley Yim
Forward by Elisa Morgan
Published by: InterVarsity Press
The authors of Refuse To Do Nothing are two everyday soccer moms who were burdened to become abolitionists for human trafficking after watching the movie Taken, starring Liam Neeson.  The movie made them aware of the magnitude of the human trafficking slavery trade.
Slavery did not end in 1833 with the Slavery Abolition Act, nor did it end in 1863 with President Abraham Lincoln signing The Emancipation Proclamation.
In 1949 the United Nations declared human trafficking and slavery incompatible with human dignity.  This did no stop the trafficking, instead it went underground.
The authors of this book help the average person realize their power to fight slavery at home and throughout the world, empowered by God's grants to each individual.

Clarksville Prostitution Investigation Leads to Human Trafficking Arrests


CLARKSVILLE, TENN. — An undercover investigation by the Clarksville Police Special Operations Unit and District III division targeting prostitution in the Interstate 24 Exit 4 area led to the arrest of a Kentucky woman and Knoxville man, both charged with the human trafficking of a 17-year-old girl.  Read the full article here.