Weekly Update

Derri was out of the office all week attending amber alert training sessions. There she spent some time with one of the first survivors ESTN ever served. What an encouragement to see her, college degree completed, doing a fabulous job training law enforcement and others on human trafficking.

Monday we had two volunteers – Gina and Charlie – come in to spackle, sand, and paint over where a countertop and shelves once were. Happy to say you would never even know such things used to be there.

Tuesday we had a survivor in the office shopping through our closet to find a nice outfit for her job application and interview. Tina and Jim McLane also stopped by again to drop off some winter coats and our little survivor happily took one right away to wear to her interview.

On Wednesday, Shelia and Christine took one of our survivors to lunch at Chili’s to celebrate her birthday, while another survivor and Laura stayed at the office to make sugar hand scrubs. This survivor wanted to give a gift to the other girls who she worried might have a hard time around the Halloween season.

Thursday Shelia and Lizedny took another survivor out for lunch for her birthday and also took her shopping at Rue 21 (thanks to some generous donors who have gift card for the occasion). Christine visited with another survivor earlier in the day and also went shopping for clothing for one of our juvenile survivors who was granted a home pass for the weekend to spend time with her family.

Here at the office on Thursday,  Tori Roberts came in for to volunteer and helped us organize some toiletry items and gather miscellaneous donated food items to make food kits for our girls and women.

Finally, to finish off the week we had more deliveries on Friday! Nakia McFarland dropped off some men’s sweatpants and shoes for our male survivor kit, and Kristi Whitt donated a stroller, car seat, and survivor care items. What a great support group we have!

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