Survivor Snapshots - April 2017

Bree just finished her GED coursework. She was the first in her class to pass the GED, and one of three in the class who passed all her tests on the first attempt! Her teacher asked her to give a speech of encouragement to her other classmates on never giving up. We cannot wait to see her walk across that stage and get her certificate! Her future plans include business school in the fall.

Montana is proud to say she is officially DEBT FREE! She has been working hard at her job, making payments on her debt and is now preparing to enroll in school for the fall.

Lisa is a new referral. She just began therapy and is enjoying getting to know other survivors

Marie is another new referral, who is in the second trimester of her pregnancy. She began therapy this week. Her bubbly personality and bright, social nature are one of the first things we notice about her.

Casey is continuing to work hard in her recovery. She has been doing an amazing job at work, even getting considered for a promotion. She keeps us laughing: recently teaching staff and survivors new dance moves!

Becky received a huge blessing this month: a car from Providence Auto Group! She has been working hard in her recovery and at her job. This will allow her more freedom to get to work and enjoy time with her daughter and pup!

Sadie took a big step this month. She moved out of our safe house and back home, with her family. She wanted to take a more active role in her children’s lives. We are excited for her to take this step and for the goals she has set for herself.

We had two special visitors this month, the babies of 14 year-old survivor Lauren and 19 year-old survivor Monica. The office was filled with the sweet sound of crying babies, as they bounced around meeting staff and survivors. Our Care Coordinators work hard to get these ladies the resources they need, tangibly and emotionally, to start this difficult, but rewarding new journey into motherhood.