Survivor Snapshots - March 2017

Lauren is one of the youngest survivors currently working with ESTN, at age 13. She just became a mother to a sweet baby boy. Both are healthy and doing well. Thanks to the generosity of donors she has the items she needs and will be receiving a gift card to get other supplies to take care of her new bundle of joy.

Sondra just celebrated a birthday! She came to End Slavery quiet and reserved. Lately, she has been coming out of her shell more, engaging with staff and other survivors. She is happy and energetic. Her therapy is going well, as she opens up more, allowing healing to begin in new areas of her life.

Bree is currently working hard and loving her GED classes! She is living at the safe house, doing well and full of spunk!

Cece returned to ESTN, initially ashamed at what she felt was a lack of progress. Staff quickly wrapped her up in love, reminded her the road to recovery has its curves, and reminding her of the many steps of progress she’s made.  Now her smile and spunk has returned. She initially struggled with anger, but since her return has been more at peace, working through her struggles and actively processing emotions with her Care Coordinator. She recently got to see her daughter, which warmed her heart.

Christy got a car this month! She has been working hard with BRANDED Collective, and got several fines waived by the courts. Though struggling with some scary health issues, she is pushing forward in her progress, working hard and spending time with her son.

Gina, our only foreign national survivor in the safe house at the moment, has been taking English classes. She is doing great: her face lights up when she realizes someone understands her new language! She now has legal documentation to work, which she is excited about. Hopefully she will get a job soon!

Amelia was a happy face, returning from treatment. Excited to be back, she has been doing the work in Intensive Outpatient Programming (IOP) and is focused on moving forward. She has been working with her Care Coordinator, concentrating on setting goals to establish her future.

Madison is a referral sent to us from Mending Hearts. She has been a cordial addition to the safe house, having fun with survivors and staff. She is currently in IOP and working through her recovery process in counseling.

Carol is a seventeen year-old survivor. She was recently approved to start therapy! We have been happy to see her face around the office more lately.

Jenny has been with with ESTN for years, working through tragedy that started in her childhood. She proudly told staff that she has a new job! She will be working with at-risk teens, trying to assist them in their journeys of recovery and healing. Her delicious baked goods and witty banter are always a joy in the office!