Survivor Snapshots - May 2017

Gina started a new job with BRANDED Collective. She was trafficked from another country and is just learning English. We love overhearing her and the BRANDED team converse back and forth through giggles as they learn to maneuver this new relationship. She continues to improve her English skills!

Abigail received unsupervised visits with her child. She drove her child to school for the first time in months. She also hit her six month clean mark!

CeCe has been adjusting to life in the safe house, taking on a leadership role. She also met her new mentor, with whom she quickly connected and is excited to know her better.

Robin hit a bump in the road, but quickly sprang back to her feet. She continues working hard in therapy, started a new job, and is a sweet voice of encouragement for other survivors.

Lily is a new referral. She is settling into the safe house and bopping around our office smiling and happy. She recently testified against her assailant. She’s endured brutal trauma yet shows strength, resilience, and courage.

Madison is another safe house resident who just celebrated six months clean! She is still working through her IOP (Intensive Outpatient Programming) programming.

Riley is another new referral, who hit the ground running. She is working hard in her recovery process, attending daily meetings, therapy, and will soon start IOP. She is easily described as strong-willed and determined!

Christy made great progress with us and temporarily moved into an excellent substance abuse facility with specific trauma-based care. For the first time she is addressing some of her deeper issues, which she has never dealt with before. Though these difficulties are hard to face, she refuses to let it stop her.

Lisa recently moved into our safe house. Her sweet spirit and friendly personality are some of the first things noticed about her. She has been in therapy since the beginning of April, doing a lot of difficult work, but pushing through. She’s really enjoying our weekly workout classes!