Fail Forward!

   You're appalled about modern day slavery. You're shocked it happens in your own backyard. It takes more than joining a Facebook cause or reading a blog  to make a difference.* It's time to ACT.

Major new COOL opportunities for local leaders (Nashville area) to work effectively and creatively will be unveiled in our May 1rst newsletter. Not on the mailing list? Sign up now: (see button at top right of page)

Then take a risk-- stretch yourself-- be a voice for the voiceless and vulnerable. Please-- don’t wait for someone else to do it. There are too many lives at stake. Be the change.

Derri ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ *Joining a cool cause does not end slavery. It takes at least one of the following actions:

Educate yourself-- Actually read the info posted on the blog  and  in the newsletters! Read books, watch interviews and movies about human trafficking on-line.  Then educate others.

Give-- It takes money to take action, peeps, so sacrifice a bit. We don't waste money. No salaries-- no offices-- no fluff. We're a grassroots movement of people who care. So you can’t give big bucks—give a little. Little+little+little=BIG.

Pray - Only God can bring down strongholds, make captives truly free, and bring beauty from ashes. Join our prayer list by writing to

Act - Sure it's scary. But that's how we grow and find satisfaction. There is so much that needs to happen to end slavery right here in Nashville, much less the rest of the state/country/world. We have ideas (and maybe you do too.) You'll have people to support you. So don't just sit there and wait for someone else to "do something about it." Be the "someone."

Yes -- YOU!