Do Unto Others…

I have to ask myself, is there some difference between my children and those who are forced into slavery that makes their enslavement acceptable?  And what would I NOT be willing to do if MY daughters were trapped? I'd do just about anything! 

  • I would tell everyone who would listen, in hopes that they would help find my children and free them. I would contact TV and radio stations, write to newspapers and magazines, put up billboards and post on-line. I’d see if I could speak to my church, professional organizations and clubs.
  • I would gather my friends together to plan what we could do to rescue them and help them heal and re-enter normal life.
  • I would pray earnestly, passionately, continually.
  • I would travel anywhere I needed to, if there was even a small chance I might find my daughters there or someone who knew how to help them.
  • I would give every cent I could scrape together, and sell any non-essentials. I’d hold fund-raisers and ask my friends to do the same.

I would use every bit of skill and ability I have, and all my sphere of influence, in any way I thought might help.

 Jesus said “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”