Weekly Update

The office has been a place for events this week.  Monday one of our survivors was in for cupcakes and a celebration for the steps in her journey she has overcome so far.  It gave everyone time to talk together, celebrate, and discuss the next steps for her and her family.  Lizedny and Christine got a call from another girl telling them she had a job interview coming up and expressing her excitement!  In addition, two of our survivors had birthdays this week as well.  One of the girls came in to visit on her special day and End Slavery Tennessee was able to sponsor her with some gift cards to pamper herself a little, and we were able to have a party for the other to let her know how much we love her.  She said she was both thoroughly surprised and that we had given her the first surprise party ever. 

Business was done as usual as well this week: many days we had staff members out of the office in order to speak at presentations, meet with survivors, or advocat for girls in court.  But we also had visits from Seleena Gaither and our West Central volunteer group who gave $50 each for pizza gift cards and gas cards, respectively.  We also were able to put the finishing touches on our display board that is exhibited at events and presentations right before Karen whisked away for her two-day conference in Gatlinburg, TN. 

Check back next week to see what more happens…