Weekly Update

One of our survivors was in the office on Tuesday and she had a great time hiding around corners and behind doors waiting to jump out and scare those who were unfortunate enough to walk by. 

Lizedny and I began talking about a project to have some of our promotional and graphical content translated to Spanish.  While many think that trafficking is just sexual exploitation, it can also be forced labor and there is a high percentage of the Hispanic community that are at risk.  Lizedny is very dedicated to helping ESTN reach out and educate  those in the Spanish speaking communities!

Net donations for the week equaled out to about $1,400. We are so thankful to our dedicated and supportive donors who both encourage and help finance the work we do.

And today I met the first-ever volunteer, Pax Wiemer, who worked with our amazing leader Derri Smith. He stopped by the office to pick up some  materials.  He toured the office and told me about his days of old with what has now become the End Slavery Tennessee we all know and love.

And of course, the week would not be complete without our daily inflow and outflow of survivors, Wi-Fi and technology glitches, and the occasional cup of coffee or tea to keep us going.  What will next week have in store…?