Volunteer Voices

Spring Hill  had a pretty fantastic meeting this month with nine volunteers attending to help brainstorm opportunities and identify team goals for the next year. The group was challenged to sponsor survivors for Christmas and invite folks from work, clubs, Sunday school classes and elsewhere to participate as well. They've planned their next meeting to be a Christmas party and gift collection where afterwards they will make a big trip to the ESTN offices to deliver presents!

Murfreesboro group was active at their last meeting as well with ten volunteers present and ready with ideas! The group discussed ways to pull in faith communities on projects and prayer lists, planned fundraising for the New Year, and started creating a yearly calendar of events and ideas. They planned a Christmas pizza party for their last meeting of the year where they will also make some crafts and work on a special project for the survivors.

The Nashville group had its final meeting of the 2014 year this past month. The group hosted a holiday party to celebrate a year of great volunteers, awareness, and organization as well as state-wide successes. Volunteers also brought Christmas gifts for survivors and had them delivered to the office the next day.

About 30 folks showed up for the November meeting of the Franklin group!  Some regulars invited friends, so several new folks joined in for the evening.  After spending a few minutes talking about what the remainder of the year and their first meeting of 2015 would look like, the group watched the film, Nefarious: Merchant of Souls.  The movie generated an array of emotions and lively discussion among some who stayed afterwards, and also seemed to increase the passion of many of the volunteers for the work of End Slavery Tennessee.