Survivor Snapshots


Miranda - Miranda went on her first outing with ESTN this month, to the Adventure Science Center. We were happy for the opportunity to spend time with her and get to know her. Miranda is preparing for a home visit soon, and hope to start college in January, which she is very excited about. She's smart and loves being intellectually challenged! She is also glad that we found someone who will start the process of removing her tattoos soon so she can finally have her trafficker's branding removed. We also are working to find her services to return her hair to its naturally beautiful blonde color so Miranda and look and feel like Miranda again!

Chloe - Chloe celebrated her birthday this month and thanks to a generous donor, she got to have a special birthday treat at Cracker Barrel! She also recently got a new job and is happy for her new found source of independence.

Jesse - Jesse is having a hard time recognizing his addiction problems so counseling for him is pending. However, he did meet with law enforcement recently regarding his t-visa. We hope he will make the right decisions in order to continue on his path to restoration.

Leah - Leah has really started to progress. She started therapy and got approved for an apartment. She is excited about these successes and is focused on taking baby-steps with hopes to gain visitation rights with her son. For Thanksgiving, she got to spend the day with Shelia and be a part of a family celebration.

Candice - Candice is working hard at her recovery. She will be completing her treatment program in December. 

Jenny - Jenny's internship recently ended and she will soon start her final semester in college. However, she has enjoyed her internship work so much that she wants to continue to volunteer. We are excited that she has found something she really enjoys and look forward to helping her start the next chapters of her life.

Renee - Renee is continuing her education and working hard to be reunited with her children. 

Katie - Katie had some pregnancy troubles recently. She was having strong pains and went to the hospital worried her baby would be born prematurely. As it turned out, she had a bladder infection which, coupled with contractions, caused the discomfort, but her baby is still safe inside her womb. Katie goes to the doctor again this month for a decision on a c-section or not. 

Shane - Shane is a new male labor trafficking survivor we met at the beginning of November. He is  consistently attending ESL classes and will start GED classes in 2015. We are all anxiously awaiting news about his work authorization permit as he is excited about finally being able to start looking for employment. He loves Nashville and hopes to make a new life for himself here.