Volunteer Voices


Spring Hill group went over the new mission statement, talked about using accurate and distinctive language (i.e. "Training", "Long-term therapeutic aftercare", etc.), discussed organizational updates like the developing resource center and on-line training courses, shared survivor updates, took a look at Volgistics, got volunteer documents in order, discussed new ideas for auction items, signed up volunteers for a table at an upcoming community event, Spring Hill Night Out Against Crime, and talked about the 8 Days and Ride events.


The Murfreesboro group reviewed the ESTN mission, vision and group leader mission statements, and reviewed projects completed this month. The group had a great influence at events like Meet Murfreesboro and Murfreesboro RISE reaching over 1,000 students and community members. The group also partnered with a local Presbyterian Church that decided to adopt the ESTN current needs list monthly. And to top it all off, teen key club members hosted a door hanger event and a gift card drive. Other volunteers also began tapping into their local resources to find new and creative ways to help raise money for ESTN and get reliable, tangible donations. And finally, student volunteer Justin opened the door for an official class on human trafficking at MTSU that Dana and the group hope to begin working with soon.


The Franklin volunteer group meeting was off to a great start with Steve Green leading the devotional. The members then discussed using a Facebook page for additional communication within the group and talked about the logistics for Ride for Refuge. They furthered their education with a fun quiz and viewing helpful websites on human trafficking. Finally, Lizedny gave in-depth updates on the survivors and their needs. The group ended the meeting by assembling their baskets for the auction.


Nashville had several new members at their meeting this month with lots of interest in learning more and getting involved! The group started collectively reading the book Girls Like Us and discussed the first few chapters at the meeting. ESTN staff members and VIP guests Lizedny De la Rosa and Christine Croom gave the group survivor updates. Finally, the group discussed the up and coming event Ride for Refuge and assigned volunteers to help put together their three silent auction baskets.