Getting the Word Out


The third and final segment of our T.A.P. programming is Prevention.

Prevention is the “P” in T.A.P. and is multi-faceted.  Our Be the Jam website (  is a site for minors where they learn the lures most frequently used by traffickers to entrap them.  The information seeks to not only empower youth to be aware and to practice safe behavior, but also teaches them to look within their peer groups at the actions and behaviors that attract a trafficker to those vulnerable around them. We take those same videos from the website and incorporate them into a 30 minute video narrated by young people which presenters take into schools, community organizations, faith-based and other general youth audiences, recognizing that all minors are at risk.

Another important part of our prevention program are our 10-week intensive small groups for high risk young girls. This program is used with high risk teens who have already experienced abuse and/or trauma and therefore are especially vulnerable to a trafficker.  We work with the host organization to help get the best possible care and the resources they need.

A similar program for your boys in high risk environments will be offered soon, teaching boys to think about the cultural elements that are shaping their thoughts and actions.  We also teach at the Johns’ School for men who have been arrested for soliciting prostitutes, teaching them how their demand feeds human trafficking.

End Slavery is a “single point of contact” for law enforcement, attorneys, social service organizations, family members and concerned citizens who encounter trafficking victims in Middle Tennessee.  We are the only organization in Middle Tennessee focused solely on human trafficking and providing direct care for survivors in our region. We sit on the Governor’s Tennessee Human Trafficking Task Force, helping develop a state-wide plan of care for survivors of human trafficking, as well as the Federal Human Trafficking Task Force.

For additional information, visit our website at or contact us at 615-860-6899.