The Johns: Sex for Sale and the Men Who Buy It

While we will ever continue to work to rescue and aid victims here in Tennessee, to make real progress we must address the demand side of the sex slavery equation. As a start, this month I will be visiting and speaking at the local “John’s School” for men arrested for soliciting prostitutes.  The thought is, frankly, unnerving. These are men, after all, who buy women, not so much for sex but to have power. Who are inept at developing real relationships and so pay for fantasy ones.   Victor Malerek, award winning  investigative reporter and author of The Natashas, has a new, must-read book called The Johns: Sex for Sale and the Men Who Buy It, and in it, he reveals the kind of men—and the organized crime syndicates—that drive the commercial sex trade, from America to Romania, Brazil to Cambodia, Phnom Penh to Moscow. “The Johns is a chilling look into a dark corner of the world that these men have created at the expense of countless women and children."

Ultimately, the worldwide, multi-billion dollar industry of human trafficking into forced prostitution is fed by the demand of the men who buy bodies to rent. They are the fuel that drives the monster machine.    Please watch the CBC interview with Victor Malarek for an overview of what he exposes in his book. Be forewarned that it is graphic but informative and well worth your time.

Thanks to the SAGE Project for some information contained herein.