Ten Quick Facts about Modern Day Slavery

  1. Human Trafficking, or modern day slavery, is the #2, and fastest growing, crime on the planet; a $32-billion-a-year business.  
  2. Today there are 27 million people enslaved, more than at any other time in history. 
  3. Slavery has been outlawed in every country but still occurs everywhere. 
  4. The average price of a slave is 90 dollars, making modern slaves disposable people. 
  5. The USA, along with Japan and Australia, are at the top of the list of wealthier receiving countries for foreign victims.  
  6. Eighty percent of victims are female and fifty percent are children.  
  7. Every minute two more children are forced into slavery; 1 million children are forced to work in the sex industry daily. At least 100,000 American children alone are used in pornography and prostitution each year.  
  8. It is estimated that 200,000- 400,000 people are in bondage at any given time in the USA. 
  9. Every year the slave population in the US grows upwards of 17,000. 
  10. Suburbs, rural areas and small towns, and normal residential neighborhoods, are increasingly popular for this progressively computer based business. 


What does that mean for us?

Buying differently: Select fair trade chocolate, freely made cars, clothing, jewelry and household goods. (See Free2Work.org)

Getting educated: Learn more about the issue including red flags for identifying the victims that may be hidden in plain sight. Start with notforsale.info and sign up for our newsletter at notforsaletn.org . We’ll send you a list of recommended books and links to video clips.

Taking Action: There’s a place for everyone in taking effective action to end slavery and aid its victims. Join the Abolitonist Movement today! Let us know you’re ready, by writing to info@notforsaletn.org.