Survivor Snapshots - September 2017

Twyla was able to get her branding tattoo removed, thanks to Skin MD, and is so happy to be free from that reminder of her past. She graduated from IOP (Intensive Outpatient Programming) and is in the process of looking for a job!

Jessie had a busy month. She started school to earn her GED and received a promotion at work! She is so proud of both of these accomplishments and continues to show perseverance. Her next goal is buying a car.

Casey has so many wonderful things going on in her life. She celebrated nine months clean and is so proud of this incredible accomplishment. She also started a new job and graduated from Financial Peace University. She was able to go shopping with Financial Peace University and buy professional clothes, which she is very excited to own. She is in her second trimester of a very healthy pregnancy and has insurance for the first time, which allows her to attend all necessary prenatal appointments. 

Cece faced some obstacles after transitioning out of the safe house, but finally found her groove and hit the ground running. She loves the time she gets with her daughter now that she lives on her own. She started school this month and is excited and ready to dive in and give it all she’s got.

Bree has stepped up as a leader in the safe house and is a voice of encouragement to other survivors. She is approaching nine months clean. She graduated from Financial Peace University and is eager to put to use what she learned with the money she earns from her new job!

Raven worked extremely hard this month to graduate from IOP (Intensive Outpatient Programming) and hit her 90 day clean mark! Now, she is working towards getting her licenses so she can get to and from work on her own.

Elizabeth is a new referral. She is a minor and is planning her transition into the safe house when she turns 18 in a couple months. She started off strong in her recovery and is full of determination. Her GED classes are going well and she is excited to be working toward this milestone.

Gemma hit a bit of bump in the road and left the safe house, but returned full of enthusiasm and diligence. After her return, she hit the ground running and started IOP (Intensive Outpatient Programming). She found a new fitness class very healing and encouraging and can’t wait to go back.