Survivor Snapshots - August 2017

Codi is in the process of applying for college and is excited to start in the Fall. She was able to get her branded tattoo covered up with something very meaningful to her, and is so excited about how it turned out. For months, she has been going through a difficult legal process and is so grateful for this case to be settled.

Casey recently had a job interview and is approaching her 9 months clean mark! She was excited to get her hair done at Parlour 3 this week and loves her new look!

Twyla celebrated 30 days clean! She is continuing to make strides in her recovery process and has started Intensive Outpatient Programming (IOP.)

Abigail had a wonderful time on her first family vacation. Her DCS case also closed this month and she now has full custody of her daughter!

Riley got a car and started a second job. She also started therapy and is moving right along in her recovery process. She is planning to start college in the spring.

Laura is transferring out of the safe house and is in the process of getting her own place. She loves her job and is feeling extra confident after getting some dental work done. She is very proud of her new smile and can’t wait to get her branded tattoo covered up soon.

Rhonda recently completed inpatient treatment and started a new job. She has also moved in with her family allowing her to reconnect with her two children, which she is thrilled about.