Survivor Snapshots September 2015

Abby – Abby is doing really well.  She started an internship with a local social enterprise, has an appointment next week to look at a long term housing opportunity and is generally making longer term plans for her life.  With her court case behind her, Abby is able to focus on putting her life together in a more intentional way.  She's made a commitment to healthy eating and is enjoying cooking nutritional meals for the safe house residents as well.     


Grace – Sadly, Grace once again decided that she isn't ready for a life of recovery.  She does, however, stay in touch with her case manager.  She is giving every indication that she regrets leaving the program and we are hopeful that she will be back soon.  Everyone in the office misses seeing her smiling face.  


Felicia – Felicia has a new haircut, a new color, and a renewed energy for the journey.  She was able to visit with her family last week.  She saw her child for the first time in several months and the visit was very positive.  Felicia continues to attend 12 step meetings and relapse prevention groups.     


Jane We are so pleased to report that Jane has been reunited with her mother, who loves her, and is enjoying time with her extended family.  She's happy to be back in her mother's care.  We continue supportive relationships with this family as Jane settles back into family life. 


Lexi This has been a great month for Lexi.  Though she was recently hospitalized for an illness, she was able to advocate for herself and her needs with the medical staff.  Also, a generous supporter donated a keyboard to Lexi.  She spends hours returning to her passion, music.  She's also an animal lover and has bonded with our adopted "office dog.". He follows her around the office when she is here visiting.    


Becky – Becky got to visit her daughter last week.  This was the first time they have seen one another in several months.  The reunion was so touching and the day they spent together was energizing for Becky.  The next day in the office, she was absolutely glowing.  Becky increasingly recognizes situations that are difficult for her and learning ways of coping with those triggers.  She is making healthy choices and is most often seen with a smile on her face these days.  There are still obstacles to overcome, but she making excellent progress on the road to a healthy life.   


Sadie - Sadie recently moved into the safe house.  She spends a good deal of time at the office , meeting with her case manager and counselor.  She sports a new hairstyle, reflecting many changes in a positive direction for her life.  Sadie also started school full time.  She is attending regularly and really enjoying the structure and schedule.  She recently got to attend a Titans game, thanks to the generous donation of a local supporter.  She enjoyed the game and the time socializing with a friend and her case manager.  


Kara - Kara also recently moved into the safe house.  She is going through the process of registering for school.  Kara also received one  of the Titans tickets last weekend and thoroughly enjoyed the outing.