Survivor Snapshots - November 2016

Robin just had a beautiful baby boy! She is back home and doing well. She has an apartment and will be starting back to work soon, but for now is enjoying her time with her new bundle of joy.

Montana was referred to us by Cherished Hearts, the specialized human trafficking court. She is enjoying life and has an evident spirit of freedom. She is busy with her new apartment, boyfriend, and working. In spite of all of this, she still finds time to visit and encourage other survivors.

Charlotte is finishing up IOP. She is beginning parenting therapy and has an excitement about her future. Recently she had her hair done, which was a boost to her self-esteem. We’ve always known she was beautiful, but now she is beginning to believe it!

Fiona is at a beautiful place of peace in her life. She is enjoying motherhood and has found happiness, even through a tough journey to recovery.

Jennifer had a big month! She is proud of her new job, which is evident through the smile on her face. She got to see her son for his birthday and wanted so badly to share that moment with ESTN family, that she video chatted a staff member in.

Jessie has upcoming dental surgeries. This used to make her nervous, but she is strong and ready to get things done! She started a new job and was able to visit with her children, who live in another city. Her caring, generous spirit is a beautiful thing to witness.

Cindy is 19 years old and working with Branded Collective. She has a new passion in life - being an aunt. She is proud of her new niece and just celebrated 120 days sober!

Veronica came back home to ESTN after being gone for awhile. She is living at the safe house and doing well. Survivors and staff are excited to see their old friend and are picking up right where they left off.

Monica just went on maternity leave. She celebrated her 19th birthday and is ready to have a sweet baby any day!

Tammy celebrated her 14th birthday. Her sweet, humble spirit is a blessing to all who meet her. For her birthday, she went shopping with staff and enjoyed time with family. She is in therapy and loving Libby, our therapy pup!

Norah is a new referral. She started in IOP and is living in the safe house. She is devoted to doing the necessary work to get her daughter back. More information will be available in coming months.

We have had an abundance of new referrals this month. Five came in one week alone! With varying stages of recovery and assistance from ESTN more updates will come.