Survivor Snapshots - December 2016

Becky had a dream come true. After a year of wishing, she got a sweet puppy named Frankie to aid in her journey of healing! She was beaming with pride as she showed off her new friend. Frankie and Becky are taking good care of one another and bonding quickly.

Jenny will move out of a treatment facility this month and into a relative’s home. Plans are in place to introduce family therapy into their routine, as this will be the first time Jenny has lived with a family member in several years. Please pray for Jenny and her family as they begin this exciting new journey.

Patty has settled into a great place in life. She has a new boyfriend, who she introduced to staff and already has him donning ESTN gear. Patty has nestled into apartment living and is enjoying working. With a busy schedule, we don’t get to see her as much as we’d like, but she makes an effort to keep up with staff through video chats.

Christy is loving therapy and made a strong connection with her therapist. She is working through a lot of hard issues, but her immense progress is evident. She takes great pride in her son, and is starting to spend time with him weekly, making her mama heart happy.

Monica finally birthed her beautiful, healthy baby boy! Both are doing well and settling into their new life together. She dreams of going back to school and is driven to finish a degree program.

Barb transitioned back into life with her husband and children, all living under one roof. She is adjusting to her new reality, thankful to be with her family. Barb shifted her work schedule to assist with family responsibilities and is continually stepping up to the plate when challenges arise.

Nia is a new referral who joined us on her 18th birthday. The ladies at the safe house quickly took her under their wing, digging around to find her new clothes and other necessities. She is nesting her room at the safe house, knowing she has found a new place to call home.

Emma was recently referred by Cherished Hearts. Her sweet, quiet disposition is one of the first things noticed about her. She is beginning her journey to healing as an expectant mother. Please pray for her as she and baby begin this new chapter!

Ava is mother to four beautiful kids. In her short time with us she has made major strides, graduating from Intensive Outpatient Therapy and garnering job interviews. She is working hard with staff to boost her confidence as a mother and the beautiful woman we see every day.

Abigail is a new referral, who has endured a lot of hardship. Her cheery disposition and bright smile are an outward expression of her genuine, caring heart. She is working hard in her recovery, so she can once again be with her child.