Survivor Snapshots February 2016

Jenny -   Jenny works a full time job tutoring other survivors like herself. She was the recipient of a Kitchen Aid stand mixer for Christmas.  As a thank you she brought to the office an amazing cake that she baked herself. This simple yet thoughtful gesture made all of our days! Baking not only brings Jenny joy and serves as a means of relaxation, it also helps her focus on and bless others, which helps her own recovery. 

Courtney - It has been an exciting time for this young teen survivor, Courtney, full of good news and fresh beginnings. She moved back to live full time with her mother back in her hometown to attend school, but,  best of all, is the news of her newly regained full custody of her son. She's also receiving HIV treatment and support dealing with this challenge; a challenge for anyone but especially in one so young. 

Renee - It is so rewarding to watch Renee move well into the maintenance stage of our program. She was thrilled recently to get a full time job with benefits. To top all of this off, she also has gained full custody of her children. 

Sadie - Sadie is doing well and working hard at a full time job at a restaurant.  She is living full time with her oldest child and enjoying every minute of the time they are spending together. She continues to push hard to regain the custodial rights of both children.  She is maintaining her sobriety and working through recovery support groups to find healthy ways of coping with everyday stress.  

Danielle - we're thrilled to announce that Danielle's criminal case closed and her trafficker was convicted in federal court. She is now working full time and has an apartment. She's found a support group, friends, and a community.

Felicia -  was recently described as an “overcomer” which couldn’t describe her more perfectly. She will be moving soon to Rest Stop, a two year recovery program specifically for survivors of human trafficking. This is an exciting move and will be a good fit for her. 

Lexi - Lexi continues to struggle to create a plan, yet this doesn’t ever seem to dampen her spirit. She brings an abundance of laughter to the office. We were all elated at the news that Lexi would be receiving dental implants, made possible by the generosity of one of End Slavery Tennessee’s volunteer groups and area dentists. She has begun the implant process and is so grateful for the gift. She's applied for temporary work with a local employment agency.   

Abby - Abby is one of our Homeland Security referrals and her trafficker is being sent to prison. She recently landed a full time job. Many of her posts on social media speak of how much she loves her job. Over the holidays she really enjoyed getting to spend time with her child, yet had difficulty leaving him. It took courage for her to leave him to come back to complete her recovery process and make healthy choices for herself.     

Becky - Becky was referred to us by a treatment facility and it was such a great moment to watch her rejoice in the fact that she is now 50 days clean. The smile on her face lit up the room. She recently interviewed for and obtained a new job with better pay and schedule.   

Rose - Rose was a mail order bride in her home country. She is flourishing now with a full time job, car, and new driver’s license. She currently holds a nursing degree from her home country yet she is not able to practice in the US because her credentials did not transfer. She hopes to go back to school and earn a degree here so she can continue this passion of serving others.  

We also have a number of new referrals, ages 14-18, and look forward to telling you a bit about them next month!