Getting the Word Out: Volunteers

by Jill Rutter, Director of Community Outreach

As I settle into my new position as the Director of Community Outreach, I continue to be amazed at not only what an incredible organization End Slavery Tennessee is, but how we are blessed with the volunteers we have. Our volunteers are always ready and willing to do whatever they can, and are continuing to ask to do more. Many of these volunteers donated their time and effort to prepare and deliver meals for the the No Show Ball.  Others continued to raise awareness on human trafficking at many churches, schools, and civic organizations as presenters. Two of them, Stacy Elliott and Jamie Corwin, attended the Songs Against Slavery event, benefitting End Slavery Tennessee, and ended up participating on a panel discussion about human trafficking. Some of the members of the Brentwood volunteer group are in the process of forming a youth group with the goal of having them reach out and educate their peers. 

Inquiries about becoming a volunteer continue on a daily basis, via email and phone. One young woman, who came to the office to deliver Valentine gift bags for our survivors, inquired about becoming a volunteer for End Slavery Tennessee and turned in her volunteer application that day. Because of the incredibly high volume of completed volunteer applications, there will be two volunteer training classes within the next two months.