Survivor Snapshots


Here are some updates of our newest referrals and events of this month!

Miranda - Miranda is our youngest new survivor. She is 18 years old and is currently living in a facility for youth and young adults. Our team  visits her regulalry and supplied her with materials for both her spiritual and physical recovery process. We are also working with a local business to provide tattoo removal for her so she can get rid of the branding that is a constant reminder of her exploitation. We're also working  to get her approved for a home pass that will allow her to leave the facility with Christine, Shelia, or Lizendy and and have a much needed outing.  Miranda hopes to go to a local college in the spring and study communications so she can become a motivational speaker.  Her dream is to help inspire others.  To that end, Miranda is currently studying for her college entrance exams. She's a smart girl and we know she can accomplish this dream!

Isabel - Isabel came to use through a personal referral.  She is in her thirties and has been working on her recovery for the past three weeks. She's very excited about the progress she has made thus far.  Isabel came to us with nothing but has proven to be a very self-sufficient and determined woman. She is  actively seeking employment  and eventually wants to get into  real estate or accounting. She's  making  good progress in decision making and the people she is allowing in her life.  We are currently working with her to build up her resume and help find her services for her dental and physical health issues.

Leah - Leah is another young survivor of 24 who came to us through her friend who knew about our organization.  She was struggling with addition but has now completed her treatment program and is  in a transitional program facility.  Leah has a young son she is trying to build her relationship with.  We are working with her on increasing visitation and communication with her child, as well as helping her with legal services. Leah is chatty, easy to talk to, and describes herself as a hippie! Leah has some college education and wants to eventually return to school so she can be a trauma counselor.

Brenda and Katie are among our longer-term survivors, but they both have had great experiences this past month!

Brenda returned home and is living with her family again! We were all so happy to see her back and know she is safe.  Since her return she has been very actively looking for a job.  She was very determined and motivated, visiting several job fairs, staffing agencies, and interviews accompanyed by our team.  And her hard work paid off - Brenda got a job last week and she is so excited about the opportunity!  

Katie had even more exciting news: She was approved for her T-visa! She came into the office to celebrate with staff.  There was laughter, hugs, tears of happiness and cake! Katie knows that this  opened a wonderful world of opportunities for her and her family and protects her from further exploitation.  She talked of going to school, getting a good job, and her dream of owning her own business or restaurant!