Survivor Snapshots

Here’s a sampling of updates for some of our survivors from this past month:

Jenny – Jenny is looking at the final stretch leading up to graduation now; she even invited the whole staff to the ceremony. She is proactively working to find housing and job opportunities for this next step in her life. Jennifer took her to the doctor this past week for an infection that was causing her a lot of pain. Now she is ready for her final weeks of college.

Sasha - Sasha is working full time and doing very well. Yvette is working with her to help find her therapy and medication management resources that fit into her busy work schedule. A volunteer recently donated a TV stand for her that she is excited to pick up soon, as she continues to enjoy her own apartment.

 Ellen – Ellen moved into a housing program that will provide for both her and her children. She is also taking part in our in-house therapy, in-house Jobs for Life classes, and a t-615 jewelry making internship. She’s  looking into job opportunities as well as parenting and other life skills classes.

Brenda – We are so excited that Brenda finally came back! She was in a bad situation for a few weeks but came back to Nashville by her own choice. She wants to start therapy again and  to pick up where she left off with us. 

Miranda – Miranda came to visit this week in order to attend an NA convention conference with some of our staff this weekend. She is excited about being here and visiting with her ESTN family as well as the opportunity to attend this event.

Courtney – Courtney is back in the juvenile housing facility after having difficulties with her foster parents. However, she was involved in a confrontation with another girl and was hurt during the break-up of the incident. Staff is in communication with her as well as making weekly visits to see her. Though she can be difficult to work with, she acknowledges this and is working to be more polite and cooperative.

Danielle – Danielle continues to work and attend therapy at the office each week. We were able to help provide her with a bed frame and assist her in picking up her new mattress. Danielle also recently had a court hearing for visitation rights with her child. She is a loving mother and we pray she will continue to do well with this motivation in mind.