Getting the Word Out: Music City, USA

by Jill Rutter, Director of Community Outreach

Music events in "Music City, USA" are quite the norm. There is not a day of the week that goes by where there is not a musical attraction somewhere in Nashville. However, when you have a artists whose goal is to entertain as well as raise funds for victims of human trafficking, then you really have something.

In this month’s newsletter you read about three such events: a youth driven battle of the bands, Rock the Chains; amazingly talented singers in the Concert Chorale of Nashville who give of their time and talent for the sole purpose of providing free concerts to benefit non-profit organizations; and Songs Against Slavery, featuring artists and song writers dedicated to ending human trafficking.

Music stirs a variety of emotions to those who listen. When it is combined with compassionate people who are driven to open eyes to the reality of human trafficking and to serve others, then the music has purpose and those who listen learn.

This month, we have truly been blessed by talented people, full of compassion and spirit, whose heart is to help our victims of human trafficking. And there are more musical events to come. Stay tuned!