ESTN Library Spotlight: Stolen Childhoods

by Clarice Grooms, ESTN Librarian


Stolen Childhoods

A Galen Films/Romano Production

Directed by: Len Morris

Narrated by: Meryl Streep


Two hundred forty six million children worldwide are enslaved in forced child labor. Forced to work in numerous dangerous jobs, lack of education, illness or death are all that looms in the future for child laborers.

Stolen Childhoods is a video documentary detailing the individual stories of children, some as young as four years old. Forced to work long hours with little food, little rest, and little pay. Farms, coffee bean groves, garbage dumps, sex trade, fishing, rock quarries, carpet industry, cotton looms and factory jobs are just a few of those industries that often use child and force labor to make their products.  And even while most countries have laws in place to protect the children, corrupt governments and law enforcement do not act on them.

Poverty is the main reason for child exploitation. Families cannot feed or educate their children, and often sell them for financial help.  Luckily, there are organizations working to uncover these truths and rescue children from this horrible life; feeding, clothing, and educating children for a better life. 

You can find a list of products produced by child and forced labor online at the U.S. Department of Labor. Additionally, learn how you can support fair trade companies right here in Nashville and Middle TN on our website.