Should a teenage ‘prostitute’ go to jail for killing her pimp? (note: SHE DIDN'T KILL HER PIMP, IT WAS A JOHN & THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A TEEN PROSTITUTE, SHE WAS A TRAFFICKING VICTIM)


  • She didn't kill her pimp; it was a John.

  • there is no such thing as a teen prostitute; she was a trafficking victim. 

February 20th, 2018 Bethany Blankley

A number of tabloid stars (Rihanna, LeBron James, Snoop Dogg, Cara Delevingne and Kim Kardashian West) began using social media to bring attention to a young woman’s plight who is incarcerated at the Tennessee Prison for Women.

Cyntoia Brown, now 29, was sentenced to life in prison in 2004 when she was 16-years-old for shooting and killing her pimp. She is eligible for parole when she turns 69, in 2077.

Johnny Mitchell Allen, a 43-year-old real estate agent and pimp, was known in the sex-trafficking industry as, “cut-throat.” He repeatedly drugged the teenage Brown and sold her to be raped by numerous men.

During the trial Brown stated that there was always a gun pointed at her. She was repeatedly hit, choked and dragged. She eventually shot and killed him.

Most of the tabloid stars posted the same statement on Instagram. But one commentator replied to Cara Delevingne’s post that she and others didn’t have all the facts:

justthatbadash@whirleytimes if you did the research you would find that this post is false. The real story is she was not a sex slave, she was a prostitute. She lied about her age and had sex with him for 150. Then she shot him and robbed him, not in self defense. She confessed to all of this. Can’t trust anything you see on the media. If this had been the true story, then I would completely agree that she should not have been charged for self defense, but that simply isn’t what happened.

Brown’s attorney maintains that she was a victim of sex-trafficking.

Local Nashville news expressed at the time shock that Brown was tried and sentenced as an adult.

Filmmaker Dan Birman spent seven years documenting Cyntoia Brown’s case. He shared video footage from his 2011 PBS Documentary with the local Fox 17 television station and gave insight into her situation. He said,

This is a young girl who’s at the tail end of three generations of violence against women.

Cyntoia, her grandmother, and mother were all raped.

Derri Smith, the Founder of End Slavery TN, also told Fox 17, “She did kill someone. She deeply regrets it, but she was a child and she was being exploited.”

Viewers of a BBC and other documentaries posted on YouTube commented that:

mickyfingaz1 week ago

she was a minor and her confession should have been thrown out.

Roger Winters1 week ago

Multiply her story millions of times it happens to a lot of young girls and boys, taking advantage sexually and abuse, then when they turn out like this who fault is it, every adult person. We don’t take take care of our children in this USA. Men having sex with kids, look at what is going on now, the ME TWO MOVEMENT.

Emmia B2 months ago

If she had blonde hair and blue eyes, she would not be going to jail, at least not for long and definitely not for life…the court would show her sympathy, the jurors would have shown her sympathy….this is why kids find it hard to tell about being abused because no one does shit and when the person is locked up, rarely do they spend much time in jail

Beauty IsHerName2 months ago

Where was her adoptive mom when she was in hotels with cut throat for weeks at a time. These parents need to be held accountable

Ruffiano Freeman2 months ago

Pray for her she was a victim ..God bless you Kid

Still, social media has helped raise the plight of Brown. The questions viewers continue to ask is why she was tried as an adult and got life in prison, and why she was not given protection as a sex-trafficked child.