Pastor Rides Bike Over 400 Miles To Reach Parishioners

MT. JULIET, Tenn. It's not unusual to see a pastor praying over his congregation in a church, but meet one Wilson County pastor who enjoys doing things a little different. He's taking his message to the streets... literally.

Pastor Greg Locke of Global Vision Bible Church in Mt. Juliet isn't your average pastor. In fact, he says he feels like Santa Claus. While he isn't passing out traditional gifts, he is passing out blessings for the new year to all 102 households of his congregation in the Greater Nashville area.

He's spreading his message in a very unconventional way. He's traveling 455 miles over two days on a bike.

Pastor Locke says he's new to cycling.

"I actually bought my first road bike this past year," says Locke.

He started training to raise money and awareness for local victims of sex trafficking.

"I kept doing mile after mile and bumped it up to two to three hours a day," he says.

Every year, Pastor Locke's church does some kind of out the box stunt for the homeless or people abroad. This year he wanted to do something special for his own church family.

"As our church grows, sometimes I become just the face from the stage," says Locke. "I wanted to keep that connection with our people and let them know your pastor loves you."

Along the journey, he leaves behind his mailbox calling card letting families know he stopped by.

"Maybe they're having a bad day or week," he says. "So all they have to do is pull out that card from their mailbox and know that pastor came by and cares about us and our family."

Pastor Locke's message is also inspiring many of his parishioners to go out and get fit for the New Year. He says at least 15 to 20 of them have all gone out to purchase bikes.