Man Indicted for Forcing Teen Girl into Prostitution

(Memphis) A grand jury has indicted 30-year-old Osbie Antonio Sea on sex trafficking charges.

Investigators say he used Facebook, YouTube and flyers to meet victims in order to lure them into becoming prostitutes.

Police say he met one teenager at a Raleigh K-Mart. He gave the 14- year-old girl a flyer and told her to call him if she wanted to make money.

After a fight with her mother, investigators say the girl ran away f rom home and contacted Sea.He’s accused of teaching her to pose for photos before posting them online.

The victim says she had sex with at least two people, but Sea kept all the money.

Investigators say he instructed the victim to tell people she was 18 because “he knew he could get in trouble”. Sea is also charged in separate sex trafficking cases involving two other women.