Man charged in Lakeland sex trafficking bust

LAKELAND, Tenn. - A man is charged with false imprisonment and aggravated kidnapping after he held a 19-year-old hostage for sex trafficking in Lakeland.

22-year-old Darius Hunt was holding the victim at the Super 8 Motel. He was caught while trying to get back to the hotel. 

FOX13 spoke with Women's Foundation Director Ruby Bright about the sex trafficking problem plaguing the United States. Bright said human trafficking is the second-fastest growing criminal industry in the nation.

"It's very unfortunate and very sad you know that we have the situation happening right in our backyard," she said. 

Hunt was at the Waffle House right beside the motel when the victim was rescued. Deputies prevented his orange Dodge Charger from leaving the parking lot, and found a loaded black AR-15 with a 60 round drum magazine in it. 

A woman named Anna Stuckey was also in the vehicle with Hunt. She was charged with parole violation.

Bright said there are ways to spot trafficking victims in public. 

"Their personality change, apparent injuries, the lack of communication, the lack of presence," she said. 

Other signs include an overly controlling boyfriend, physical abuse injuries, malnourishment, and lack of knowledge of where they are.

Victim's also can claim to be adults, but have adolescent features.