Weekly Update - August 14, 2015

It’s been a few weeks since our last office update, but that’s just because we are busy around here! Here’s what you’ve missed or been a part of!

  • Group of survivors created two mural artworks at the office for our fall benefit. A great day of fun, fellowship, and paint! The banner image above the result of six talented girls.About equal parts of the paint ended up on the painters as on the mural! 
  • Our office staff, board members, and partners are getting ready for our third annual ESTN Benefit Luncheon! New location this year at the Music City Center and a great line up for the program including keynote speaker Alison Krauss, all working together to #DoSomething about human trafficking in our state.
  • Our intern Emma concluded her summer with us after educating 17 youth groups from around the country! We’re going to miss that hard working, spirited, and wonderful girl!
  • Two of our survivors continue to intern with Branded Collective. They are cranking out a lot of jewelry each time while enjoying the company of our wonderful partners Lauren, Emily, and Cali.
  • D.A. General Funk and Asst. D.A. Tammy Meade visited with staff and toured our office, safe house, and the soon-to-be Rest Stop Ministries facility with Ondrea and Derri, then enjoyed lunch and conversation afterwards at Swetts.
  • Shelia met with a new referral who attended the Grace Empowered Project earlier in the month. She said car trouble and second thoughts tried to keep her away, but we are so thankful she made it to the office and is ready for a fresh start.
  • We’ve had the pleasure of meeting some of the ESTN "babies" (minors) that direct service staff worked with for the past year or more. “Tara” is now living at our safe house and enjoying being with her new family here in Nashville. “Sadie” is officially enrolled in school and will be moving into our safe house soon. Both girls are at the office on a regular basis and its uplifting to hear their laughter and giggles and see their cute faces and big smiles each day!
  • Volunteer Lindsay Henderson donated a new keyboard to one of our musically talented survivors this past week and we all surprised her with the gift while she was at the office. Overcome with happiness, gratitude and excitement, there was hugging, crying, and laughter from everyone. She now plays her keyboard for hours every time she comes to the office. Soon it will move to the safe house where she can play to her heart's content. 
  • Volunteer leaders Janna Carlson and Lindsay Bryant are both “gearing up” for this year’s Ride for Refuge! Staff is joining in for a little friendly competition and we encourage you to join us too! You can join a team, make your own, volunteer, and learn more right here – http://www.rideforrefuge.org/charity/endslaverytn

So now that we’ve caught you up, be sure to stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter pages to see latest updates, news, highlight and ways you can help #endslavery!