Weekly Update


  • Tuesday was a busy day for everyone after the lull of Memorial Day. The staff of the Center for Student Missions came in for a presentation by our interns Kamrie and Allie to learn more about the reality of human trafficking in our area in preparation for their youth program this summer. Our IT guru Marcus dePaula paid a visit to the office to help us get comfortable with our new emailing system, website updates, and help us become more tech savvy.  Christine, Shelia, and Lizedny were in and out of the office throughout the day as survivors additionally flowed in and out as well.
  • Wednesday morning Christine, Shelia, and intern Kamrie visited one of our girls and her mother while Lizedny took another client to her dance lessons.  Derri met with a lawyer who has done a lot of pro bono work for us and discussed ways to continue to support our organization and help us achieve the legal services that our survivors need.
  • Thursday was our weekly staff meeting were we were all caught up on new developments involving some of our survivors. The team was also discussing the options and next steps available for one of our clients.
  • Friday morning Shelia, Christine, Kamrie and Allie attended the Hannah Project.  Derri met with a law enforcement representative as well to discuss new ways  End Slavery Tennessee can be more effectively involved with the rescue of at risk youth and aftercare for victims.

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