Weekly Update

Business as usual most of the days this week, with a few highlights:

  • Staff was in and out working with survivors and giving presentations, but sadly two of our staff members were down and out for the count a few days with some bad health. 
  • We were able to set up a futon in the office for our survivors to rest on and be comfortable when visiting for more lengthy and detailed talks about future plans and next steps. 
  • Volunteer Margaret Andrea came into the office to shoot a short video to promote End Slavery Tennessee in the Big Payback campaign - look out for the official video on our social media and YouTube pages!!
  • Shelia, Christine, and Lizedny also got to meet with a potential new survivor and are working on building up a relationship with her and determining what steps are needed in order to transition her into the ESTN family. 
  • And we had to say good-bye to one of our interns who is moving up and on to new things.