Weekly Update


What didn't we do this week?!

  • Monday, Lizedny got the news from one of our survivors that she was approved for her T-visa! We were all so excited about the great news that will now open greater doors of opportunity for her and protect her from further exploitation.
  • On Thursday, she came into the office to get the official card and papers and to celebrate with us.  There was laughter,  tears of happiness ... and cake!  She was so excited and talked about going back to school again and eventually reaching her dream of owning her own business.
  • We had not just one but two different news crews in the office this week to interview Derri about the new TBI website focused on human trafficking, and about the work of Rest Stop Ministries to develop a two year residential center for human trafficking victims.
  • Karen had a great presentation on Monday with the women from the Centennial Group. She said that several of the women approached her afterwards to talk to her, learn more, and tell her that they would be donating soon.
  • Christine took one of our teen survivors out to job fairs, interviews, and staffing agencies this week.  Our girl had two interviews that went very well and she is very determined and hopeful she will find employment. 
  • Shelia attended court on Wednesday afternoon and is working with some of our newest referrals to build relationships and trust, learn their needs and help get services.  She departed Thursday morning to London, UK for a working weekend trip with Thistle Farms.
  • Clarice Grooms and Stacy Elliott, two of our wonderful volunteers, visited out office this week to  volunteer. Clarisse comes faithfully each Tuesday and Stacy plans to come weekly now also.
  • We also had a staff photo shoot thanks to Rebecca Curfman of Reflections by Rebecca. We were all cleaned up and smiling for the cameras. Hope to have some updated staff photos and office shots to share with you soon.
  • And this Saturday our volunteer group leaders are coming to the office for their quarterly meeting with Karen K and Derri, AND some wonderful and manly volunteers (and staff husbands) are coming to help us move desks and office equipment into our newly finished office space.

There is never a dull moment at End Slavery Tennessee!