Weekly Update


Derri returned this week from Dallas and her trip visiting the organization New Friends New Life. She got some great insight and new visions and directions to take our organization that will help empower and support our survivors and prepare them for future careers and advancements.  Derri also got to meet with the director of the film 8 DAYS that is premiere in Nashville on September 25th.  Proceeds from the event will go to ESTN!

We also had several visitors this week – group of lawyers met to discuss ways to improve TN laws to better support and defend survivors and victims of human trafficking.  Derri and board members Marilyn Jones and Whitney Akin met with Scott Saul, Senior Pastor from Christ Presbyterian, the wife of the senior pastor at West End Community Church, Debbie Crenshaw, the principal from Christ Academy and a potential new board member, Mary Trapnell.  On Friday Derri also met with Brian Carney from Blue Sea Philanthropy to discuss the Ride for Refuge fundraiser event this fall.  And on Friday as well the film crew Lampshade Films in our office to film another one of our survivors who has decided she is ready to share her story and let her voice be heard!

Our office has been extra busy these past few days with donations and deliveries from generous volunteers and donors who are blessing one of our survivors and her new baby girl with gifts for a Welcome Home baby shower! We were amazed by the thoughtfulness and giving of so many individuals and are so thankful to have such a caring community around us to help support and lift up our survivors!