Weekly Update


  • We had some special visits on Monday from Andrew Yontz (our new found hero) who dropped off a beautiful painting made during the South of the City event, and by Angela Woodard from Inglewood Church of the Nazarene who dropped off some toddler boy clothes for us to give to our newest survivor mom and some gift cards for our other survivors!
  • Wednesday members of the state task force subgroup that Derri chairs met for the second time.  The group's task is to develop a statewide service plan for human trafficking survivors, both adults and children, to present to the group at large.
  • We have an Amazon wish list up now to help make giving easier for our generous donors - http://amzn.com/w/3U66WG53TDBS1! Items range from clothing needed for survivor rescue kits and gift cards to treat survivors to extra special days out, to office supplies to help keep our organization up and running.
  • Shelia, Christine and Kamrie were out of the office on Wednesday to take our 16-year old (now 17-year old) survivor shopping for her birthday at Rue 21.  $100 was donated to her in gift cards and cash that she was able to use to feel extra special on her big day! Thank you to all who donated and helped make this a wonderful day and experience for her!
  • Meanwhile, Lizedny attended court with one of our survivors who had her own charges dropped while testifying against her traffickers. Lizendy later this week also went to see another client of ours whose wife was having a baby!
  • Wednesday, Karen attended a train the trainer session. She is now authorized to train others to prevent child abuse using the Steward’s of Children curriculum entitled Darkness to Light.
  • Derri received news this week that the creator of a soon-to-be-released film, 8 Days, wants to partner with End Slavery Tennessee for the premiere showing in Nashville on September 25th! This will be a great opportunity to reach out to individuals and organizations in our area and to be involved in a red carpet event!
  • Derri also left on Friday for a trip to Dallas to visit with an organization called New Friends New Life - an anti-trafficking organization that has had great success in there area and from whom we hope we can learn to serve our survivors even more effectively.