Weekly Staff Update


 This week...

  • Though it wasn’t an office happening per se, the whole staff went out to the South of the City event last Saturday to enjoy a night of music and fun.  Thanks to Andrew Yontz, ESTN raised $970 and was able to create a great amount of awareness at the event.  Thanks again to Andrew and all the bands, artists, and helpers at the event for such a great success!
  • Derri and Karen were interviewed by Steve Hall for a documentary for You Have the Power.
  • Derri, Kamrie, and Laura met with board members to discuss the options and beginning details for the fall benefit event for End Slavery Tennessee.
  • Kamrie and Allie had two youth presentations this week and did a great job educating the students and encouraging them all to take action in their communities while hosting a door hanger campaign. The two also organized Red Flag Week on our BeTheJam Facebook page to encourage youth to be aware of the signs of traffickers and trafficked victims.
  • Karen had two presentations this week with the Lantana Road Baptist Church in Crossville and the Child Advocacy Center in Ashland City.
  • The office was visited by Murfreesboro group leader Dana Montgomery who delivered some survivor rescue bags and food kits that were put together by a generous and thoughtful family.
  • And as always our super-hero team of three (Christine, Lizedny, and Shelia) was in and out throughout the week working with survivors and visiting some new referrals – one of which is a minor.
  • Sadly, Thursday was the last day as our summer intern for Allie – but we know she will inspire others wherever she goes and hope to see her again in the future!