Weekly Office Update

Staff was given a free day off on Monday due to all the ice on the roads, however, the rest of the week continued to bustle us along as always.  Lizendy has been working to find housing for one of our survivors who is in need of new location, Shelia went shopping with another girl this week and has been working to build good relationships with our newest referral, and Christine is busy meeting with our survivors to get them to necessary appointments and services – this week she was able to help reunite a mother and her child and get them housing.  Plus, one of our survivors actually surprised us this week by bringing us some home cooked lunch on Wednesday.

Derri was involved in a task force meeting this week and received a donation from Jason Polk who road across half of Tennessee state to raise awareness and funds for End Slavery Tennessee.  We also had more gift card donations from board member Julie Hunt Hudson’s women’s group which we are looking forward to putting to good use in providing for new survivors as they come in and the immediate needs they are faced with. 

Karen attended our newest volunteer group leader’s first meeting on Tuesday.  Gwen was reported to have done a great job and had a great turn out despite the cold.  We are excited to see what else she can do!