soviet union

ESTN Library Spotlight


by Clarice Grooms, ESTN Librarian

BOOK: The Natashas
AUTHOR: Victor Malarek
"The Natashas" depicts the aftermath of the break up of the Soviet Union. The economy of the new republics has collapsed and the social safety nets that had provided a minimum standard of living is torn to shreds. Security and equality have become relics of the past for the people. Young women, watching their families on the verge of starvation, have become easy prey for the recruiters.
The promises of work in the west and the ability to provide for their families is an opportunity the girls cannot turn down. However, once the recruiters deliver the girls and children to their destination they are forced into sex trafficking. Sold and shipped all over the world, the victims are forced to work in brothels, red light districts, massage parlors or are locked up as sex slaves. 
The author Victor Malarek is currently a senior reporter for CATV Television's W-FIVE of Canada. He spent two years researching the global human trafficking sex trade in preparation for his book "The Natashas".