Survivor Snapshots - June 2017

Laura recently graduated from cosmetology school and starts a new job at a salon soon.

CeCe will graduate at the end of this month from Cherished Hearts court. She is working hard to get her GED and is finishing up her testing this month.

Riley hit a milestone and is now 60 days clean!  She Is a recent IOP (Intensive Outpatient Programming) graduate.

Whitney just arrived to our program, referred from TBI, and is off to a great start in her recovery process! She bursts into our office everyday, filled with joy and a smile on her face. She loves living in community with survivors and the trauma therapy group she attends. Her goal is to soon get her GED!

Kat started working with BRANDED Collective and is excited to start school this summer. She said: “When I walked in to school to register for my classes, it made me feel so good. Like I actually meant something again.”

Jenny is on a vacation touring the States! This is her first time out of the state of Tennessee. Her family will be visiting the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, the Redwood Forest, and Yosemite National Park.

Casey recently got a new job and is excited to be making strides in her career. She is about to hit six months clean and is planning a transition to be back at home with her family soon.

Lily is enjoying her therapy and is easily bonding with her therapist at the Sexual Assault Center. She also started physical therapy this month to help improve trauma related injuries.

Jessie returned to ESTN after a time away. She was overjoyed to see the staff and was “so happy to be back with her family.” She took it upon herself to ensure her fellow safe house residents have the needed items to make their new transition smooth.