Survivor Snapshots

Jenny is working this summer and enjoying a break from school. She really looks forward to her equine therapy sessions.

Brenda came home for Father’s Day to spend time with her dad. During that time she also visited with her ESTN family. She plans on returning to the area to live at home and find work in a few weeks.

Katie enjoyed a much needed vacation out of town! She is working toward her goal of taking literacy classes and writing her own book.

Emma had a great birthday with her daughters! Thanks to wonderful donors she got to give her girls a big treat: a weekend at Opryland hotel, a nice restaurant meal and going to the movies.  Emma is on summer break from school and continues to work hard to turn her life around, rebuild relationships with her children and to plan and save for her future.

Cori was released early from her facility and was able to be home for the birth of her little boy. The ESTN team is looking forward to being able to work more closely with her to help her meet her personal goals and to learn to meet her baby's needs.

Sonya is continuing to do well and has started back to school.

Lexie has been distant from the ESTN team recently as she grapples with the psychological damage of her trafficking. She knows we are here for her as soon as she is ready again.

Callie wants to be supportive of her terminally ill mother but this added stress is taking its toll on her. She is getting emotional support from the ESTN team as well as assistance on some legal issues.

Avery is a new labor and sex trafficking survivor seeking help with housing and employment as well as dealing with the great trauma he endured. ESTN linked him to legal services and therapy and is working with him to set goals and rebuild his life. He has been proactive about obtaining employment andit looks like he'll be starting work this week!