Survivor Sweet Spots

  • Jenny’s equine therapy is going well. She loves her time with the horses and is exposed to a therapy that is opening the doors for reassociating triggers.Bad memories are becoming good ones!
  • Julie currently faces some very tough decisions about her next steps but enjoys expressing herself through the arts.
  • Brenda decided to move out of town. While the team feels this is not the best decision for her currently, we continue to pray for her safety while she is away, and are glad she is staying in touch.
  • Katie is completely moved into her new home and now enjoys spending time with her family and relaxing.
  • Emma purchased birthday presents for her children from her own hard-earned money. She continues to see her children consistently and works on developing her relationship with them.
  • Cori received a stove, refrigerator and a bed for her new home. She is enjoying time with her family.
  • Sonya continues to live at home with her son, is doing well and is now contemplating giving back by partnering with ESTN.
  • Mark is a new labor trafficking survivor seeking counseling. Our case managers are assisting his lawyers as they prepare a legal case for him.
  • Lexie is a new referral. She's endured much domestic violence and was on the verge of being trafficked by her husband. She's out, safe and starting a new life.
  • April struggles to commit to recovery. It's frightening but ESTN is ready to stand by her once she makes the decision.
  • Callie tries to be supportive of her mother who is terminally ill, while dealing with her own trauma.
  • Linda relapsed but recognizes that ESTN’s doors are always open. Her case managers continue to partner with her.

It is important to keep in mind that most trafficking survivors continue to be the victims of trauma. Healthy trust and good decision-making must be learned as we endeavor to model the brand of true love so lacking in a victim's experience.