Survivor Snapshots - October 2016

Becky made a big step this month. She transitioned out of our safe house and into her own apartment! She is overjoyed that now she can spend weekends with her daughter in her new home. Becky has worked so hard to heal; her bright smile warms us up every week.

Gina is a non-English speaking survivor, who came to ESTN in August. Since her arrival, she befriended a few bi-lingual survivors. She asked for books in her native language and despite her language barrier, works hard to communicate with staff and other survivors. Her sweet spirit is the first thing noticed when she enters a room.

Ginger has been working hard toward healing. She has a full-time job she loves and is tirelessly working to get custody of her child. She currently resides in transitional housing and is working through some health issues.

Deanna was referred to End Slavery by another facility. She is strong-willed, determined, smart and is working hard to make better choices for herself and her child. She is working on trust and building relationships with staff and other survivors. Her inquisitive nature and longing for knowledge is a breath of fresh air! 

Cindy is a feisty survivor. What she lacks in stature she makes up for in spirit! She completed Intensive Outpatient Therapy and is trying to find a job. She currently lives in one of our safe houses.

Lucy has been with us for a few months. She keeps us laughing with her sense of humor and mesmerizes us with her love for history and with her intelligence. She is finding great success at her new job and currently resides in our safe house. 

Tara has been with us for about a week, having been referred by her mother. Health issues have been a challenge, but she perseveres. She actively engages in forming relationships with staff.

Lulu was referred by the FBI and is 16 years old. After experiencing familial trafficking, she has deeps wound. Two of her traffickers are in jail.

Deidre is a new referral. Her children are currently with family, as she works hard toward healing. After recovery, she will be transitioned to another facility, where she can continue her journey of restoration.

Ginny is another new referral. Only 23 years old, she has a long history of trauma involving abandonment and familial abuse. Despite her challenges, this remarkable young woman can speak seven languages!