Survivor Snapshots October 2015

Abby – Abby continues to face the hard challenges of recovery;  making good choices andmoving out of survival mode into long term thinking.  She recently dealt with several tough personal situations in a short period of time.  It’s been a privilege to watch the growth she experienced as she weathered these storms of life, clinging to her community of support.  She is keeping her recovery central to her decision making process.   

Lexi – Lexi faced some big decisions in the past month.  We noticed that she is quieter when she is in the care center, but this time of reflection has been important for her progress.  She is reflecting and making hard choices for her future that she knows are necessary for her recovery.  We have seen Lexi form new relationships with other survivors, enjoy outings and one on one time. Shealso keeps us entertained with funny videos and witty comments.      

Becky – Recently, Becky moved into the safe house. The other residents welcomed her and she is thriving there.  She also got a new job.  She shows commitment to her recovery bycreating a plan for addressing potential obstacles.  

Sadie – Sadie recently reunited with her child.  She is no longer living in the safe house, but continues to work with us.  SJust this afternoon, we overheard Shelia and Jennifer singing “My Girl” to her over the phone, as a reminder that she is special to us and loved.  Sadie knows that if things get hard for her outside of the safety of the safe house, she has a network of other survivors, staff and a trusted volunteers she can call upon.   

Kara – As you may have seen on Facebook recently, Kara moved out of state this month.  Everyone in the safe house was sad to see her go, as was the staff here in the care center.  However, Kara stays in constant contact with her Survivor Services Coordinator.  She is doing well in her new living situation and reported this week that she is thinking of getting a new puppy.   

Tara – Tara moved back home to be with her mom and siblings and staying in touch with us.  She recently got her driver’s license and started a job in her hometown.  She is aware of the struggles and pitfalls that could pose a threat to her continued progress and is being mindful of seeking the extra support of our community of survivors.   

Miranda – Miranda is passionate about helping others along the path to recovery and restoration.  She is working hard in school to get her degree.  She is excited about plans to accompany Shelia to observe an intervention and says her goal in life is to become an intervention specialist.   

Morgan is excited about moving into the safe house in the near future.  She is always smiling when she is in the care center and recently, she particularly enjoyed playing a joke on Shelia and Derri.  She was given her own car and when she showed these ladies a picture of the new car she showed a flashy new sports car. The real item is considerably more practical and less expensive but Morgan is grateful for it and it sure helps getting to work. Morgan's working on a budget with her case manager, learning to handle her salary wisely.  

Brenda – We’ve worked with Brenda for several years now and seen, again, the strain that a drawn-out court case can have on a person.  Brenda is currently worried because she just learned that she may have to return to court to testify in the sentencing of her trafficker, who was recently convicted.  She remains in an unhealthy relationship, which poses athreat to her restoration and freedom.  We continue to pray for Brenda and her decisions. 

The Safe House is proving to be a place of healing and support for the survivors we are privileged to work with.  They continue to progress in their decision making and the choices they are making for their lives.  There are multiple groups that meet weekly at the safe house now, including groups on love addiction, art therapy, independence and relapse prevention.  Residents are looking forward to an upcoming outing to the Farmers Market to pick out carving pumpkins and fresh produce. 


New Referrals: 

Kris – Kris is proof that outreach and prevention efforts are reaching people and changing lives.  She met End Slavery through a prevention group we facilitated back in the spring of this year and recently reached out to us for help.  She is currently in the foster care system, but hoping to move to the safe house when she turns 18.   

Lila – Lila was referred to us through a TBI sting last month.  She is currently waiting for placement in a foster home and looks forward to her visits with her End Slavery Tennessee case managers.   

Allie – Allie came to us through a network of other survivors.  She is currently working through in-patient rehab treatment.  We are looking forward to getting to know her.   

Jessica – Restore Corps in Memphis referred Jessica to End Slavery Tennessee. She recently moved to middle Tennessee to live with her mother.  She has been coming into the care center regularly to work on goals and develop a plan for her next steps   

Bella – We met Bella when she was given a protection order from the courts and referred to us for services.  She is working part time, attending therapy sessions, and studying to get her driver’s license; a first step toward independence.  We are just getting to know Bella and celebrating her first milestones toward a healthy life.