Survivor Snapshots - November 2017

Casey made multiple big steps this month. She got her driver’s license reinstated and, after months of saving, bought a car in cash! She also took control of her move out plan and applied for multiple transitional programs as well as section 8 and urban housing. She feels so empowered by all she has accomplished and is excited for the future.

Addi is loving getting to know the other survivors. She is having fun sharing her culture and teaching them how to cook new foods. She is taking computer classes and is extremely driven and excited about all she is learning.

Madison signed a lease on her first apartment and is so excited to have a place of her own. She graduated from IOP, which was the first thing she has ever followed through with in her life. She is so proud of herself and eager to keep moving forward. She is continuing to grow in her career and is learning to speak Spanish so she can better communicate with her clients at work.

Codi met with her mentor for the first time and really clicked with her. They have a lot in common and she is excited for that relationship to blossom. She is also enjoying school and is doing really well in all of her classes. A support group invited her to speak at a meeting and she was grateful to be able to share her story and encourage others in their journey.

Hattie celebrated 60 days clean and feels so loved and supported by everyone here. She has become close with some of the other survivors and is encouraged by their openness and help in learning to trust people again.  

Bree has really stepped up as a leader in the safe house and is encouraging other survivors on their journey. She is starting a group for the other survivors that she will be co-leading with a staff member and is excited about the opportunity. She is also loving getting to know her mentor and is excited to continue to grow that relationship.

Kennedy is smiling a little brighter after receiving dentures. This has been a dream of hers for a long time and she is feeling so empowered because of it.

Kendall is loving the trauma group at the safe house every week. She is encouraged by the other survivors and enjoys building community with them. She also got glasses that were the correct strength. She has been wearing readers for years and is so thankful to be able to see better and no longer have headaches from poor vision.